3 Reasons Why Fresh Roasted Coffee is Better

  1. Enhanced flavor: Fresh roasted coffee has a more robust and complex flavor profile. This is because coffee beans contain oils that are released during roasting, and these oils quickly begin to deteriorate after the roasting process. Fresh roasted coffee has a more full-bodied taste that is distinct when used within the first 6-8 weeks.

  2. Greater aroma: Fresh roasted coffee has a much stronger aroma. This is because coffee beans release gases during the roasting process that create a rich and distinctive aroma. Fresh locally roasted coffee beans are known to have a stronger aoma that can fill a room.

  3. Higher quality cup of coffee: Fresh roasted coffee from local roasters typically use a higher grade coffee bean. This is because hand picking your beans and roasting them is the most important part of the coffee-making process. Freshly roasted, high quality beans will retain more of its natural characteristics than store bought coffee that has been stored for a longer period of time.

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