Coffee Roastery in Greene County PA!
Coffee Roastery in Greene County PA!
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Greene County PA's Only Coffee Roastery

Love stale coffee? Of course not! That is why business partners Ben McMillen and Bridget Vilenica are excited to be bringing a Coffee Roastery to Greene County! Buy whole bean, ground coffee, and even coffee pods (k-cups) within days of it being roasted. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

What is a Coffee Roastery. All coffee is roasted before being sold to consumers, often in large factories before being shipped to your local grocery store hundreds of miles away. Now, with our Coffee Roastery, you will have the option of enjoying FRESH locally roasted coffee! (Did we mention 'fresh'?)

Giving back. We love coffee! However, we are equally as passionate about the outdoors. That is why we will proudly donate a portion of our profits every year to protect public lands with an emphasis on hiking, backpacking, and bike trails!

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Grand Opening July 21st 2021

Roasting Coffee in Greene County