What is a Coffee Roaster?

  • A Coffee Roaster transforms the properties of green (raw) coffee beans into roasted coffee products using heat. The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee. All commercially available coffee is roasted.

Do you have a rewards program?

  • We also offers rewards! Join our rewards program and receive your all-access pass that provides more ways to unlock exciting perks! Earn points, and turn those points into awesome rewards!

What do you sell?

  • We sell whole bean, ground and coffee pods. All locally roasted right here in Greene County PA.
  • We also sell other locally made products

Is Hilltop Packs Coffee Company a coffee shop?

  • Kinda. First, we are a coffee roastery. But, you can still have a cup of coffee and hang out. Looking for a full espresso bar/coffee shop experience visit our uptown location RGB Coffee

Hilltop Packs & RGB Coffee? What's the deal?

  • RGB Coffee is our first dedicated coffee shop location. Of course we only sell and use Hilltop Packs Coffee there. RGB Coffee is owned by Hilltop Packs Coffee Company.

Do You Sell K Cups?

  • Yes! Online and in-store

Do you sell larger bags of coffee?

  • If you are a restaurant or coffee shop we do offer 5lb bags. Please contact us to setup an account. For anyone else we do recommend smaller 12oz bags to keep things as fresh as possible. 

Do you sell direct to customers?

  • Yes. You may come into our store and purchase whole bean, ground and k-cups. You will also be able to buy our coffee at other local coffee shops like RGB Coffee.

Does Hilltop Packs Coffee Company offer wholesale accounts?

How about fundraising?

Do you ship?

  • Yes. However, we only ship within the US.

How fast do you ship?

  • Depending on roasting schedule we usually within 3 days of your order.

How much is shipping?

  • Add items to your cart to view actual shipping fees

Is Hilltop Packs Coffee Company part of Hilltop Packs the backpacking business?

  • These are two legally separate businesses but they do share the same owners and the same location. You can visit our backpacking website here.

How does Hilltop Packs Coffee Company source there green (raw) coffee beans?

  • We use only ethically and responsibly sourced beans for our coffee. We make sure our suppliers actively monitor their supply chain.

Where is Hilltop Packs Coffee Company located?

Where else can you buy Hilltop Packs Coffee?